# Personal Leadership

What is the first image that comes to your mind when you consider a leader ?

  • Fiery speeches and oratorial antics that drive his team of people to action 
  • Strategy and planning like a general would do for war 
  • Strong relationship with the immediate team/front line leaders 

These are just some of the first things that might come to mind. While I had some of the same images in my mind too, I was blown away when I understood the whole concept of personal leadership. Hence this post to share it with all of you. 

So, what is personal leadership?

Personal leadership is a sort of “inner” leadership that helps build leadership presence, skills, beliefs, principles and knowledge. At its core, it helps build the foundation upon which effective public leadership ( actually leading the people) can be built on. 

More logically, it is built upon the following aspects. 

A. Developing one’s technical knowhow and skill

         1. knowledge of the work that the team does 
         2. knowledge of individual psychology 
         3. knowledge of group psychology 
         4. time management 

B. Cultivating the right attitude toward other people.

            1. interdependence 
            2. appreciation 
            3. caring 
            4. service 
            5. balance 

C. Working on psychological self-mastery.

  1. Self awareness 
  2. Flexible command of ones mind 
  3. Letting go of limiting beliefs such as those that may stem from a bad conversation with a team member 
  4. Strong values 
  5. Authenticity in presence and in service of the team

Looking at the list one might say its a lot. Yes, it is quite a bit to practice. However, there are simple and small steps that we can start with. In the next post, Ill share some of the simple small steps I have taken in this direction. 

Happy Leading in the meanwhile!