Work is Theater

"One of the hardest-won lessons of being a professional is that work is, ultimately, a form of theater"

People often look up at the quote and deem it with a negative connotation. However, I have found it to be one of the true and positive statements I have heard about work in a long time. 

We come to work with our "Principles" and feel everyone needs to adhere to what is "right". Unfortunately, we fail to realize everyone has their own little "principle bags" and more often than not, they collide with our own "principles". 

I use principles in quotes because they are not principles. They are merely certain rules we have imposed on ourselves so as to work efficiently. They are completely different from ethics. I do believe that if a workplace collides with your ethics, you should move on. However, if it collides with your "principles", you should probably introspect before taking a call. 

Anyways, I ramble. Back to the theatrical aspects of work....

Think of a play you saw where the actors were not dressed to the play, no speaking like you expect the story to be told. Would you like it? Now think about is work different? 

More often than not you are working on a storyline - be that a checkout process for a website or a customer service event. How would you like the protagonist in that story to live and breathe?

What if we lived our work lives intentionally and thought a little deeper about the character and role we play at work? Would we perform better? 

Let me know your thoughts!