EPS - the secret to doing better!

You're connected to the office 24*7. You are doing all you can to make sure you're involved in everything thats going on with your teams. You are engaged with your people and making sure they are keeping up their morale. Everyone is working hard towards their goals and you know your team is doing a great job...and so are you. 

Sounds like you're doing all you can to make sure you are a great manager. Yet, it seems like you're not making any forward progress in terms of goals achieved. So what next. 

Here is one thing I have been trying to experiment with that hopefully might help folks out there. 

Since we live in the world of acronyms, let me add one more to the list out there- EPS 

EPS stands for Execution, project/program management and strategy. 

The problem that i dealt with was the simple issue that a leader or manager is expected to do all three elements of the EPS which sometimes is overwhelming. The recognition that EPS is a central element to any managerial job is probably the first step towards solving the problem. 

Why is EPS so important? 

Strategy requires being removed from your day to day for a certain extent while execution is centrally tactical. Project management on the other hand is a whole different dimension where you are trying to make sure you are traversing the distance between day to day and your strategic goals. 

Do you see why this makes things complicated.So whats the solution?

Actually I have found a sea of difference just by making sure i do not do more than one of the three at a given time. Lets face it, multi-tasking is not good. period. The sooner we accept it, the better. 

When we try to mix strategy with execution, we end up trying to work within two different frames of reference, resulting in mental fatigue and substandard results. 

The easy route is to actually make sure you focus on strategy, understand the present situation, conduct a gap analysis and record the gap onto a project plan with milestones. 

The second step is to actually have team members take owner ship of execution and project management while you focus back on the strategy. You do not need another management layer to do this. With the advent of technology, anyone can do a good job of managing projects. So can your team! Trust them - They can do it.