5 Leadership essentials


1. Listen  :  

One of the biggest issues these days is the inability of people to listen. In the mad mad race to throw those elevator pitches at their boss, they fail to listen and in the process ultimately deliver an inadequate solution to a given problem. listening not only helps remove such issues but is great for learning since you are now opening yourself to the wealth of knowledge that is out there in the organization. 

2. Communicate:

Setting expectations clearly is accomplished through communication. In a team oriented work environment, escalations, delegations and other such activity is rarely communicated correctly leading to delays and confusion. There are many tools to help in this communication. 

3. Expect :

having the right expectations from others is another aspect of communication. I have it here as a separate point because in a given work environment, it is difficult to have similar expectations of all people. Everyone is different and its important to respect that. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your colleagues and helping them bring out their best will help you expect appropriately from everyone. 

4. Time Management :  

Time management is an obvious part and I have been trying various means to achieve better time management. Why we should manage time is quite obvious but how is always the question. 

5. The Feedback Loop :

While measuring others, don't forget to measure yourself. Seeking feedback actively from people does two things -

a. It tells the person you are talking to that they are an important part of your work environment and that you value their advice

b. it helps you constantly improve and lead/manage/work according to organizational expectations.