Think small in 2015

As you head out to party and welcome 2015, you also realize it's a time for resolutions and dreams -SMART goals that make sense in 365 days. 

I thought i should share a simple tool I derived from the most influential book of my life: Lee Iacoca's autobiography. (If you don't know Lee Iacocca, does father of the mustang ring a bell.) 

 Lee Iacocca: the father of the mustang

Lee Iacocca: the father of the mustang

The quarterly milestone: 

Lee Iacocca, as a manager and CEO,  realized that it was difficult to get his people to think of a yearly set of goals. Managers generally performed well under pressure and when they looked at a 365 day timeframe,they generally relaxed until it was too late to do anything impactful. The primary driver of this was the fact that a 365 day goal was usually a big one and once you were late in working towards it, the efforts were usually futile - leading to dejection and disappointment.

To combat this, Lee decided to set up quarterly system for his managers. managers were much better at anticipating what they could do in the next 90 days. The period was short enough that each day mattered and was large enough to set moderately impactful goals. Additionally the little celebrations of victory every 90 days was something that boosted morale and spurred more engagement from his leaders. 

This year, I plan to do the same for myself. If this sounds interesting, I suggest that you try it. 

Little drops of water make the mighty ocean. Let 2015 be the year of little drops for all of us.