The Vacation Unplug guide

For the select few, the past year has been about exciting 15+ hour workdays filled with excitement and (lets face it) quite a bit of stress. For most, it was long hours and lots of stress. As you get ready for that much awaited vacation at the end of year, your only thought is about unplugging from work and coming back fresh and ready to tackle the new year. 

10 minutes into that trip: you can't help but check your email. Then you keep doing it every 15-30 minutes. 

30 minutes in: You're looking at the the last few projects and thinking about how you did a great job or possibly a not so good job 

4 hours in: Your looking pensive while your family is shaking their heads in disapproval of your phone or tablet or laptop. 

As you prepare for that vacation this year, here are a few tips that can help out 

1. Plan your vacation carefully and don't just limit it to booking the flights and hotels well in advance. Plan for yourself and not just for your family. Along with the planning prepare a one pager on

  • things that went right over the year 
  • things that went wrong over the year 
  • the big goals for the next year 
  • the obstacles to those goals 

2. Find a day of activities for the family or even better go by yourself to a different location where you can spend 24 hours to yourself. However start the vacation by totally not thinking of work and just spending quality time with your loved ones. 

3. Make sure you have an out of office email set up and you let everyone know that you are not available for anything; including the roof falling off at work

4. Once you have spent time with your family, take the day out for yourself and get ready for the yearly review. Do not still check your emails and take out that one pager instead. Now think. 

It seems ridiculous but thinking about a problem after taking your mind off it for sometime actually works wonders 

  • you are refreshed with a new perspective 
  • you are in a different location 
  • you are focused

Try it once and add your feedback to the comments.