5 steps to being a minimalistic manager

Why is minimalism so useful in managing a team? 

Intrigued?  Read on! 

Through my career I have seen multiple leaders harp on about process. I am a big believer in process, since being systematic and focused is quintessential in monitoring and executing a given assignment.

However, in the name of data, managers today depend on a plethora of tools. In the pursuit of looking  to be a "process oriented" leader, these tools and metrics are created whereby there is more attention paid to the process rather than the outcome and the net result is that the folks on the team are filling more and more data sheets than doing work. 

This is the exact situation where minimalism gains so much more importance. Minimalism draws more emphasis on quality rather than quantity. Its about thinking through the "why's" and "how's" of day to day life. 

Here are a few steps you can follow: 

Step 1: Understand the exact role played by your team in your organization. Draw a sandbox around this role. Most leaders want their teams to handle more and in this pursuit draw a very vague sandbox. Remember that this sandbox can be changed but for any given period of time has to be definite and focused. You should know what your team will and will not do. 

Step 2: Now draw up a specific metric that will measure the success of your team. Lets take sales as an example. 

a. Overall revenue 

b. market penetration 

c. product categories pushed 

Step 3: Now create a process that will help lift these metrics and direct your teams attention to these specific areas. Give them the process, make them understand how it simplifies their day to day work and track the progress. 

Step 4: After a period of time, review your sandbox definition, metrics and process and change if necessary. If there is a change, repeat the above steps. 

THE RESULT: You can literally run your team now with 2 or 3 sets of numbers or graphs rather than being all over the place in terms of your strategy. 

NOTE: Remember, your job as a leader is to define strategy and let you people know why you want to move in a specific direction. If they are not convinced of how the strategy can better their lives, you are fighting a losing battle.