The hormones of Leadership

This post is inspired from Simon Sinek's talk. For those who do not want to see the whole talk, I have summarized my perspective to make it easy. 

What is the biological process that aids leadership. Any emotion that we feel is due to the release of a hormone. Recognizing the hormones pertinent to team work and leadership are so important in ensuring that we are growing the right morale in our teams. 

For every team, you need 4 hormones. 

1. Endorphins : The hormone of endurance. Endorphin masks pain and helps us overcome obstacles. The kind of hormone your body releases in a gym 

2. Dopamine: The targeting hormone. Dopamine is released when you visualize  a goal and move towards it. 

3. Seretonin : The hormone of community. Serotonin is released when common success is reached thus improving the spirit of trust and team spirit. 

4. Oxytocin: This is the hormone of love. This is the hormone released when you hug a friend or a pet. 

The hormones are self explanatory but the key idea is to start thinking of leadership in terms of these four factors 

1. Endurance 

2. Goal Setting 

3. Trust 

4. Love 

It's important to give the team a vision, build the endurance to go after that vision, develop trust within the teams and foster love for team members.