The tree of reason is the amalgamation of perspectives from three authors who view life from very different vantage points. Together, these perspectives blend to bring out how enduring solutions to various business problems can be designed, monetized and implemented. From the cognitive consumption of information to the thoughtful art of experimentation and even the meticulous science of design, the tree of reason provides through provoking material that should lend utility to your everyday work life.

The Authors


Nithin Ramachandran

Nithin Ramachandran is the founder and primary author of the “Tree of Reason”. Nithin is currently the Head of Data Science at Direct Supply, the largest provider of products, services and technology for the Senior Living Industry in the US. Nithin brings over 10 years of experience solving data driven business problems in industries as varied as Space Research, Insurance, Hospitality and Healthcare. He has a true passion for building algorithmic products and dreams of a future where algorithmic business administration is a reality. Nithin has a bachelors in Chemical Engineering from the National Institute of Technology and an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis.

Rajarsi Mitra

Rajarsi Mitra is the platform strategist for Data Science and AI products at Direct Supply, the largest provider of products, services and technology for the Senior Living Industry in the US. Rajarsi’s prime focus is bringing the science of Human Centric Design to complex products. He brings a deeply passionate perspective on how product designers and managers can influence human behavior to deliver optimal outcomes. In his prior roles, Raj has helped large retailers as well as start ups carefully construct engaging customer and user experiences. Rajarsi holds a bachelors in Computer Science from Guru Gobind Sing Indraprasta University and an MBA from Indiana University.



SOumya Radhakrishnan

Soumya Radhakrishnan grounds the team at Tree of Reason with sound philosophical thought. A keen observer of the human condition, Soumya cares deeply about the influence of technology of the quality of human life. Soumya thinks through the problems of technology adoption and user behavior through the lens of cognitive psychology and development. Soumya holds a Masters Degree in Human Capital Management from Machester Business School and is currently pursuing her doctorate degree in Management Science from the University of Wisconsin.